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Passage of Love

In Uncategorized on August 25, 2011 at 10:53 am

“When he looked into her dark eyes, and saw that her lips were poised between a laugh and silence, he earned the most important part of the language that all the world spoke —- the language that everyone on earth was capable of understanding in their heart. It was love” “It was the pure Language of the World” (The Alchemist, pg.92-93).

I started The Alchemist yesterday and I am really loving this book. It’s very cleverly written and speaks of the ways the world is connect and universal soul. I think that is something I’ve always believed in and its interesting and exciting to see it written out into words.

Anyway, the above passage is among many eye-catching and wonderfully written in the book. This speaks of love as a language that everyone in the world could understand. It got me thinking about the many ways in which people say or show love. Love  can be described as an act or a word or a concept and it can be demonstrated in as many ways as there are people in the world. But most people never seem to acknowledge the ways in which we, as human beings, are the same. It is immensely easier to divide ourselves and focus on what makes us different from each other than unite for what makes us the same.

It’s interesting that a passage about a boy falling in love can show the many strengths and flaws we have as human beings.

Think about it, what would you lose if you let go of your prejudices?


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