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Study Abroad – Part 2

In Travel Stories on September 7, 2011 at 7:30 am

On our first weekend we visited Munich, Germany. We had been in Interlaken for a week and we were told to pack for a 3 day trip as we headed to Munich. The city was unbelievably gorgeous. I say unbelievable because I did not expect much from Germany. I was never interested in traveling to Germany so I expected nothing from the city. However, I am happy to say I was totally wrong. It turned out to be one of the most interesting places I’ve ever visited. I am planning a return.

Anyhow, we went to Germany by train on Friday morning and returned on Sunday afternoon. In Munich we stayed at a cool little hostel where some of the rooms had picnic tables. Our group was divided into rooms of 3-5 and my room was one that had a picnic table. It was really useful.

5 reasons I loved Munich:

= everything was more affordable compared to Interlaken

= the buildings and the city structure was beautiful

= great ice-cream

= NICE PEOPLE – regardless of the stereotypes of German people

= and did I mention the city was absolutely beautiful ❤

After about 6 hours on the train, we arrived in Munich around 1pm and checked in at our hostel then went to go and discover. The next morning we visited Dachau concentration camp for our field trip. This was an extremely emotional trip – much more than I expected. The camp was mostly recreated buildings of the real camp. However, the stories were not any less terrifying. I did learn a bit about the holocaust and the concentration camps which I did not know beforehand. However, I will never repeat that experience, it’s not something I can take.  The most disturbing and my breaking point was seeing the gas chambers and the overs where people were gassed and cremated.

Following this experience we were able to rest a bit and calm ourselves down. That night, we went out as a group and even met a man who was not Somali but spoke Somali. The Sunday morning, we packed and decided to explore a bit more and buy more before our train was scheduled to leave. However, we realized that the city shut down on Sundays. But we did run into some type of a race – the whole area around the churches and our hostel were made into paths for the race. We got there when the race was finished or most people finished and they were relaxing with a great amount of beer and bananas. I was surprised but I believe bananas are the super-fruit so I easily got over the surprise.

Glad to have visited!


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