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Nature & Not Knowing.

In Society on September 15, 2011 at 5:45 am

Taken = one of the best Syfy miniseries. Watching it made me think about many things – of course aliens abducting humans for scientific research, to gain what they lack – but also about human nature.

I kept trying to understand reasons for people’s bad actions. Is it fear of the unknown that drives us to do the things we do?

Then a terrifying thought came to me. Pushed to the edge, every one of us is capable of doing awful deeds.

Is that what we call human nature? Our instinct to survive?

I couldn’t help but think about how we allow some to make sacrifices with their own lives but treat such an enormous sacrifice like we do any other job. Police, soldiers, firefighters and any other profession where humans put their lives at risk. It’s much more than a job when someone defies their ‘nature’ to survive in order to safeguard another’s life.

Our need to love and create families with whom we share our hopes and dreams is how what allows us to fool ourselves into believing there is something called normal. It allows us to pretend like we are all the same. Allows us to ostracize those who don’t conform to our mirage of ‘normal’.


But we aren’t. We may have similar routines but all of us are individuals first then we are a family. Then a city and a country and so on.This is the only way I can explain why we are so willing to safe ourselves. Why the unknown poses excessive danger to our need for self-preservation.

This thoughts are the most pessimistic thoughts I’ve had. They are uncomfortable.


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