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First of Last

In Celebrations, Travel Stories on September 30, 2011 at 5:20 pm

WEDNESDAY was my first day of my last quarter as an undergraduate student.

As always, the campus was full of over excited freshman who are hoping for their idealized view of the college life to play out. Some will have an experience very similar to what they imagine and others might be surprised.

Fortunate the college experience was how I’d expected with a few good and bad surprises. But am grateful for everything because I ended up learning a lot through the process (not just the academic lessons).  It is a wonderful journey. I grew – not only in years- but in wisdom and experience.

One thing that turned out to be absolutely true – the experiences outside the class are as important to the journey of college as taking classes and gaining knowledge through academics.

I traveled 6 states on an amazing road-trip that involved a lot of laughter, jokes, bad food, good food, amazing scenery, national parks, music, two world wonders and wonderful company. I was fortunate enough to have visited 5 countries with family and friends through studying abroad. I appeared on TV and asked questions as an intern and I learned about my strengths and weaknesses.

I created strong relationships with old friends and made some wonderful new friends. I totally believe that you find your best friends in college – or just become better and closer with some great friends. I joined organizations – SSA (best one to take part in), great BBQs and amazing days with The Crew zip-lining, laser tag, bowling and days at Alki 🙂 (love you all).

I learned a bunch of life skills as well – time management, riding a bike for the first time, learning to swim, writing essays last-minute, and prioritizing and learning to take a stand for what I value.

The past 3 years went by extremely fast and it is hard to believe I’ve already been here that long. I am a bit anxious but mostly excited for graduation. Looking forward to starting the next chapter of my life.

BUT I am going to enjoy this last quarter and make even more memories that last a lifetime.


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