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Equality Before the Law: Marriage

In Society on October 24, 2011 at 8:40 pm

The sanctity of marriage is acknowledge in most cultures world-wide. Marriage offers people a means to express their love for one another in such a way that demands other people’s respect and acceptance.

Marriage serves as a tool to solidify relationships. In more ways than one, marriage validates a relationship.

Upon getting married, family, friends and neighbors are expected to congratulate the couple which acts as an affirmation of the union. Often spoken of as a  ‘holy matrimony’.  The sanctity is often described in divine terms to suggest that it is a God-given right. A rite of passage.

The need for validation and acceptance is a human need. Everyone, regardless of who we are, seeks approval from others whom are  either close to us or those whose values we respect. These could be our parents, siblings, loved ones, friends, leaders, etc.

Yet, people seem surprised, even appalled that same-sex couples want equal recognition in marriage. Speaking ONLY from a legal sense, as per the US constitution, everyone is equal in front of the law. Denying constitutional rights to citizens of the United States has proven damaging to many US communities – specifically African-American and Native communities.

It is surprising the level of ignorance US public shows when asked questions that don’t necessarily adhere to the norms. Fear of difference and change is driving people to say and act inhumanely toward the queer community.


I wholeheartedly believe in treating others like you want to be treated – all religions and philosophies teach this.


If you don’t support same-sex marriage, fine. But DO NOT stand between the law and those its meant to protect. Regardless of ones believe system (although religions teach and preach tolerance) we should not stand in the way of the law but ALLOW equal protection for everyone under the law as stated in the Constitution of the United States!!


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