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In Beauty, Fun! on November 27, 2011 at 10:09 pm

Never been much of a cook but I’ve made a few tasty dishes this weekend; and they were pretty great.

I’ve never really had an omelet. The way Somalis make eggs is sometimes a thin version of an omelet but I’ve never had an omelet in the American sense. This morning, I woke up and decided to make breakfast for my family and made my first omelet. I did not have all the ingredients for the recipes I found online and decided to prepare the vegetables inside my way. It came out better than I’d hoped for!

The for lunch, we had Salmon – seasoned with a variety of spices. It was salty – salty = tasty! It came out really good. This is usually served with rice in our family and various veggies.

Then for dessert, we had chocolate cake filled with chocolate chips. I did not make this, my younger sister made it. AND it was delicious too!

I am definitely going to try to make more Somali-American recipes. Hope to learn new ways to make same recipes!

  1. All looks delicious! The cake looks like a swollen and broken heart! LOL. You’re sister has some explaining to do!

  2. Haha, I will be sure to ask her about that. Ill get back to you with an explanation for the sad looking cake (it taste great though) 😉 Thanks Qise.

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